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The observatory is located on the roof of the new Rockville Science Center. It is home to two 14-inch Celestron (CGE PRO 1400 HD) telescopes inside a rolling roof structure as well as piers for three 8-inch Celestron (CPC 800 GPS) telescopes surrounding the observatory. The roof-top area also has lots of open space for the set up of portable telescopes and tripod mounted binoculars.

Additional instrumentation includes CCD cameras, photometry equipment, spectrometer, and filters for solar observing (white light and H-alpha). The observatory also has specialized scopes for solar observing, including a Coronado SolarMax 90 and Coronado PST.

The observatory is used as part of the astronomy course curriculum, student research, as well as education and public outreach projects.

For observatory inquiries, contact Professor Carrie Fitzgerald:

Department of Physics & Engineering
Montgomery College
51 Mannakee St. Room SC 443
Rockville, MD 20850