Friday, March 24, 2017

Observatory Night for Friday 24 March 2017 Cancelled due to clouds

I apologize for the late notice. I've been obsessively watching the sky and the satellite. At this moment there are large portions of sky visible, but clouds are rolling in from the west. I think by 9 PM we will be overcast.

On nights when it's partly cloudy I can often show bright objects, but tonight we are without Moon or planets. The objects on the agenda this evening were deep sky objects, which will not be visible through clouds or haze.

I sincerely apologize that I couldn't offer an observatory night this evening. My feeling is that it's better to cancel than to have folks make the trip and then not be able to see anything. Additional nights will be scheduled over the next few months.

For folks who are registered for tonight's event: Clouds are predicted for this evening. If it's cloudy, we won't be able to see anything with the telescopes and I will cancel the event. I'll make the final call between 7 and 7:30 PM. You will receive an email message at that time and I will post the status here.

If it is clear, we'll get started at 9 PM on the fourth floor of the Science Center in room SC 406. Please use the Science Center main entrance. Signs will be posted directing you. We'll go up to the observatory together, see what we can see, and finish up at 10 PM. The student astronomy club (MC Stargazers) will be here with me to answer your questions about the universe or anything else.

Thank you so much for your interest in astronomy and our observatory!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Event schedule for Spring 2017

Spring 2017 dates for Observatory Guest Nights are below. Additional nights may be added, depending on staffing. To receive updates, please use the "Follow by Email" link.

Friday 24 March 2017 : 9 - 10 PM
Friday 31 March 2017 : 9 - 10 PM

Friday 7 April 2017 : 9 - 10 PM
Friday 14 April 2017 : 9 - 10 PM
Friday 28 April 2017 : 9 - 10 PM

Friday 5 May 2017 : 9 - 10 PM
Friday 12 May 2017 : 9 - 10 PM

Because of occupancy limitations on the roof, we require guests to make reservations via Eventbrite (

Please note:

Events will be cancelled for bad weather. I will make the call at least 2 hours prior to the event start time. An announcement will be sent to the email address you registered with Eventbrite, and I will post the status on this website.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Observatory Guest Night Canceled for Friday 21-Oct-2016

As of about 4 PM, both and Clear Sky Chart are predicting cloudy skies and possible thunderstorms.

I'm going to make an early no-go call and cancel the event for tonight.

November and December tend to be busy months, so there are no events scheduled for the time being. Nevertheless, if I can make something work, I'll post here on the website.

You can receive email updates by selecting "Follow by Email" (upper portion of menu on the right). If you're worried about too many emails, please know that I post infrequently. You'll only receive an email if I add a date to the schedule.

Thank you so much for your interest in astronomy and our observatory!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Observatory Guest Night Canceled for Friday 7-Oct-2016

The Observatory Guest Night for Friday 7 October 2016 is canceled due to the weather.

It looks like we'll continue to see clouds from the outer bands of Hurricane Matthew throughout the evening.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

We are a "go" for observatory tonight (Thursday 22-Sep-2016)

For folks who have reservations tonight, we are a "go"!

We'll meet at 8 PM in SC406.

The Clear Sky Chart is predicting clear skies, and is predicting conditions will be "good for stargazing".

If you couldn't get a reservation for this evening, you can get on the waitlist for for one of the October events. Go to to reserve.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday 16-Sep-2016 Observatory Night : UPDATE at 7:20 PM

UPDATE at 7:20 PM : Oh my goodness it's cloudy everywhere. It looks like we're not going to see anything tonight. If you haven't left the house yet, stay home and try to get to another event.